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Walk-out basement. What can be better? Walk-out basement with a wet-bar with a massive island and a great backyard!


We called that project "Basement wet-bar", however, there is no place we didn't touch in there.


We repainted the whole place and it is a big of a house with a cathedral ceiling. We replaced the light in the house to the brighter LED  lights. We Repainted the ceiling and the fireplace. Backsplash grout lines were painted to refresh the backsplash look in the main kitchen. Tiles were installed in the back entrance from the garden. Three TV mounts were installed, including hiding the wires inside the wall. One of the TV was 70" in diameter, it is huge, but looks awesome in the basement living room. With the surround sound system, it is a full home theatre! Moreover, this family are big fans of photography art and art in general. They had a lot of amazing pictures to hang. One of them made on glass and another one huge and heavy should have been going above the staircase. I can keep on going, but there is a lot more and we made it all happen.


Now, let me tell you about the wet-bar. It featured with white glossy cabinets, backsplash, fridge, sink, oven in the pantry, waving sensor for the under cabinet lights and in-cabinet lights, 9' by 3' island and commercial grade laminate flooring from our collection. We not only installed everything for them, but we also helped design the wet-bar and pick the right products. 

  • Artman.Contracting instagram
  • Artman.Contracting instagram
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