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Great Back entrance

The house was built not so long ago, but the back entrance deck is already sinking down. 


It was very imported to the client that we had all the licence and insurances to operate our renovation company. And you know why? Because he had a bad experience before. It is very important to check the contractor before you hire him.


Back to the project story. 


His family used to go around from their way from the detached garage to the house, because of the unsafe deck. 


The guys were well prepared when we came for the estimate. They had a drawing of what they want and pictures of similar projects. You probably ask yourself: "Why is this deck is so small?" Well, it is a new house and the back yard is very small and they needed the space for their dogs. 


They got the ideas for the deck and we provided the hand to do it!


Guys wanted to be a part of the project and that's why they did the base of the slabs. 

  • Artman.Contracting instagram
  • Artman.Contracting instagram
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