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Lewis Estate Bungalow with 5 bedrooms, 2 living rooms and 3 bathrooms was desperately needed to be upgraded. 


The old carpets were full of dust and pet hairs. Even if you regularly hiring a company to clean your carpets, they still contain a lot of allergens.


This family decided to go with commercial grade laminate. It started when we arrived at their house with samples of laminate flooring. Instead of wasting their time running around the city, we bring the samples to their house. 


From a lot of samples, they choose to go with Driftwood series.


In the bathrooms new tiles, vanities etc were installed. One of the bathrooms had a weird shape. To help with resale value and enlarge the adjacent bedroom we relocated some of the pipes and upgraded everything.

  • Artman.Contracting instagram
  • Artman.Contracting instagram
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