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Huge walk-in shower

The old and very outdated bathroom was looking sad when we first saw it. The owner hardly used this bathroom. The standing shower and the tub area were demolished for a few years before, only the old double vanity was used.


The idea of the design was to create something special and different from any other bathroom. We needed space for the sauna and one huge walk-in shower.  


To enter the bathroom you needed to go up one step. It made a lot of sense to lower the floor. Now, this huge bathroom is even bigger than before.


Not everyone likes to have a medicine cabinet in the bathroom.

But all of us like to have storage. In this bathroom, medicine cabinets were hidden in the wall. 


One of the greatest features of this open concept bathroom is the shower. Waterproofed with the greatest technology.

It can fit even four people inside! And also, it has two shower heads! One of them has jets, another one has LED lights that

can tell you the temperature of the water.


We love how our renovation company turning the old to new, outdated to a modern and finally unused to very useful space.

  • Artman.Contracting instagram
  • Artman.Contracting instagram
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